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Mar 27, 2019 05:00:16

My draft by @lukesiwula

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Jan 23, 2019 02:57:05 @lukesiwula

"To share a story, opinion, or idea is a powerful tool"

My mind is constantly thinking, however what good is a fleeting thought. To share a story, opinion, or idea is a powerful tool. It is a tool I often to take for granted. It is a tool that when I was in school I came to despise. In this communication age we live in today do kids still pull out a pencil to doodle? Do they write stories for fun? Do they fill in the blanks in their ad-libs pads? I do not know, however I know the power of literature and spoken word has always lived on and presumably always will. An algorithm cant provide a better detail of events? Can it? Books will not go extinct? Will they? Our hands will still act as a medium to express whats in our heads? Right? I guess we will only know with time and until then all we can do is tell our story, express, write. Even if we have absolutely nothing to say. Which leads me to a bit I thought of today. Only in New York do you find a $10 ATM machine... Only in New York is your pedicure 4x the price of your montly gym pass. And on That note - boom. I did it, 200 words written. 

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