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Mar 11, 2019 18:00:07

My draft by @jonathananderson

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Jan 03, 2019 04:34:25 @jonathananderson

"looking for ways to keep my mind moving and my heart building"

How much would we get done if we simply went at it, all in, stop hesitating, build something? How many people have asked this question before me? I promised myself, loosely, that I'd "bleed" every night before ending my day, and yet I've only done it sparingly, at most twice a week. Who would I be if I kept my promises and pushed my limits more? What are one's limits? It's such a continuous gradient of ability, from completely able to incapable, moving in a direction as the day drags on. I've been looking for ways to keep my mind moving and my heart building. I've been wanting to stumble upon my own genius. This doesn't happen while we sit in the darkness of our thoughts, wishing for a lightbulb above. It comes to fruition while we move, as we output loads of worthless shit, shifting through the mess to discover something mildly clever, or somewhat remarkable. And if that little bit of goodness doesn't die, or hit a roadblock, it grows slowly and multiplies. I live for these discoveries and the rearing of their futures. I live for building beauty. So let's get started. Let us bleed tonight and tomorrow, until we have something to show for it.

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    <<Welcome to 200WaD! We all come from different backgrounds but one thing we have in common is that we know writing is hard :) You wrote today. Good. You already have something to show, because you yourself showed up. Now the real question is: are you ready to show up every day, at least for a bit? Start small, and let's figure it out together.>> @ basilesamel
    <<Awesome. Can't wait to come see you "bleed" daily.>> @ modezhao
    <<Some geniuses smash bulbs, ticking on new ways to experience their lives.>> @ seunoyebode
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