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May 12, 2019 15:00:05

My draft by @jeremiah

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Jan 12, 2019 11:59:22 @jeremiah

"The era of cool insanity is upon us folks and i'm just a prophet."

What would you do if the world was tilting on it's axis and insanity was the norm?

Absolutely nothing. The world is already tilted and insanity has been normalised to sound like the new cool!

Why would you need the approval of a bunch of people on your choice of food, clothes and type of cars? Because insanity has been approved and group mentality speaks the truth. Why else would individualism be obsessed over and highly praised in a world of massive scientific innovations? Because real has become extinct and fake is the new social order to fit in to a faker class of fake realities.

Why would life offer lemons when obviously you want apples? This is probably when most motivational speakers would ask you to make lemonades with lemons when you just want apple juice.

What matters and what matters not? health, happiness, love, acceptance, contentment, focus, goals and most importantly wealth. While money obviously might not make you happy being poor will make you sadder, depressed and more prone to fear. What matters not, approval, jealousy and poverty

The era of cool insanity is upon us folks and i'm just a prophet. Know thy self.

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