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Aug 08, 2019 20:30:05

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Feb 06, 2019 16:25:00 @jayanthi.g.d

"If you feel what you've done is best then don't worry about the results"

I heard this 200 words a day online writing community,  two weeks before since then I wanted to post my blog. All the time it was running in my mind what I should write and how I should present it.  This is my first blog ever and I wanted to give it in a best possible way. But today suddenly I can't stop myself from typing this.

I always think that self analization is the best critic. Whatever you do you should analyze yourself , talk to yourself that what you have done is the best thing you could ever do or are there any room for improvements. If you feel what you've done is best then don't worry about the results and if you feel you could've done it in any other way then go ahead, do not stop in doing so. Don't stop for others thoughts and views. It is their opinion and they can implement it in their own life. If you start listening to others you will end up no where. 

Do things that makes you happy and satisfied. Self satisfaction brings happiness and builds  the confidence in us. Live your life in your own way...  

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