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Jun 24, 2019 18:00:14

My draft by @dr.s.devashanthi

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Jan 30, 2019 18:44:52 @dr.s.devashanthi

"It's high time for man to attach and identify himself with nature"

Hello friends, this is first my attempt in writing in a website. So kindly bear with flaws. I am writing on the topic,'Imperfection' with a different perception.Modern Man's quest and strive for perfection is constant and endless. The quest is almost a Chase towards unreal perfect quality of life. The notion of perfect life here is a comfort and unperturbed life with luxuries. Ultimately, man in his journey towards perfection has transformed multifarious perfect riches of earth and humanity into imperfections. Nature,wild, humanity, culture and tradition have all been made imperfect in this wild chase towards perfection. Imperfections in nature has become a threat to mankind in the disguise of mother nature's fury. The count down for Earth's destruction has been marked by exploitation of nature's perfection. Nature's abundance is a matter of question. Habitats of animals contracted to make space for man's comfort. The list of endangered species extends and consciously what are we going to leave for our future generations? Will they have the opportunity to witness wildlife? The answer seems doubtful. Disinterest and detachment are some factors that stand ahead to make perfect, imperfect. Henceforth It's high time for man to attach and identify himself with nature. Love nature and embrace nature to relish her abundance and perfection.

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