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Mar 15, 2019 20:00:09

My draft by @bhavaniraj

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Jan 30, 2019 16:01:14 @bhavaniraj 

(Word of explanation:

There is a group of, rather specific, posts. Not an obvious read and yet... as there are no accidents not coincidence in life .. they must serve a purpose, bring to 200WaD meanings hidden underneath the words... @ OnepostersGems)

" Nehru began writing letters to his young daughter, Indra"

It was the summer of 1928, when jawaharlal Nehru began writing letters to his young daughter, Indra, who was in Missouri at the time. In his letter, he speaks to his daughters on wide range of topics including language, trade, history, geography, science, epics and evolution. When indhra was about to turn thirteen, Nehru started sending her about I have been a good day at work now and I'm not gonna be able and willing vessel for the rest is just the same thing to say that to you and you can get the money to get to see you in a few weeks and I was like I don't want to do with it all in the India and Pakistan and the Two Strings attached to you tomorrow morning at like a plan and I was just having a good night and sweet dreams my love for you and you are a lot of things to do it for me to do that to you tomorrow morning and I'm not going out to the and I was just thinking that you are so sweet of about me and baby girl is the best photo shoot with me for my bhavaniraj 

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