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May 08, 2019 21:00:06

My draft by @adedotunayomide

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Mar 23, 2019 12:53:11 @adedotunayomide


Tales by Moonlight..

Moonlight and a clean compound used to be the serene environment for folktales by our forefathers years back. With babies, children, adult coming from neighboring villages to hear from the mouth of the sage. They hear of the struggles of their forefathers, their exploits, strength of the warriors at war and our of their victories.

This folktales are rich in words which ranges from advice, to decipline, encouragement and motivation to do that which is expected of u as a child of the soil.

These not only entertain or impart moral, but it also foster unity and love which surpasses our understanding which in turn makes the heart merry and prolong the days of our father.

Some nights are for songs, some for games and most for stories

But... Fast forward to this Century of civilisation

Technology was brought down to us and we all embrace it and forget about our rich culture.

We no longer come together after the daily activities, for most of us derive joy in the movies on our screen than our relationship with each other

Our kids are now expose to nudes and pornography on the screen and the internets.Sex reign while virginity is seen as an old school fashion.

The old sage rich in experience are now left to die in the villages with their wealth of experience.

Adedotun Ayomide.

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