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Jul 11, 2019 18:36:34

My draft

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I don't have power to write special words for 200 words today. So, I will leave here my draft.
Usually, we surf internet with calm face, some people (I don’t know the number) even don’t express emotions when they see very funny memes. What happens to us? Where are our expression? Does it mean that we this ability degrade? Or does it mean that there are a lot of information around us so we want to protect yourself of over expression to save cognitive skills? Maybe, we used to see new information and it doesn’t make us express emotions because of it? ( have dopamine addiction)
What if we will express emotions and get the result? For example, usually we like (on social media) something if it gave positive emotions. What if we will smile (express positive emotions) and it helps us to like it? Social media where you need to smile to like smth?

To try it, allow access to your camera. It doesn’t work on phone and some browsers. Smile to like something.
Lee Freedman’s characters are peering at monitors and with emotionless faces while they are working.
Sometimes, we looks like these characters when we are
Нам достаточно нажать на кнопку лайка, чтобы другие люди узнали что мы одобрили. Но в реальной жизни кнопки лайка нет. Что, если социальные сети будут приучать нас испытывать эмоции? Например, улыбку во время лайкания?

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