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Jul 03, 2019 15:00:05

My draft

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Jan 04, 2019 17:39:58 @chloelee

"knowing that I will do my part right"

Living Without Expectations

Finally, after years of disappointment, I've learned to let go of the "new year, new beginning" bullshit, and not having any expectations of anything.


As we're speaking, there's mouse in my living room going over my leftover fried chickens, which I believe is the same one who's in my bed and on my desk last night.

Good thing I'm not afraid of those little rats and I've learned to shut my door at night when I go to sleep so that the rats that party outside my bedroom.

What's to be afraid of anyways? The only thing that's fearful is the dramatic life itself, everything else is insignificant. I even feel less lonely for having a living creature in my house.

I finally took the not so ideal job offer the other day, not because there's simply no better offers and I'm about to starve, but I just have no high expectations of things anymore.

And it actually feels good to have no expectations. Only knowing that I will do my part right, as in for the rest, no one knows what will happen.

It is what it is, free yourself from the burden of having to live a perfect happy life, free yourself from the constraint of high expectations, and you might finally find inner peace.

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