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May 23, 2019 18:18:30

My draft

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On Friendship

Today I wrote a book review and shared it with some  friends. That's because I want to get some feedback from other people to make the review better. One of my best friend gave me many specific and useful advice. Furthermore,  he  made a very careful revision of the review. I was very touched when I saw the dense red notes in the article. I also can feel his heart and seriousness. So I am very glad that I have such a friend. When I said "thanks" to him, he said that if you are willing to write I will always accompany you to write down, I enjoy the process with you." 

Some friends just simply talked about  their thoughts on the article. The rest of the friends didn't give me any reply. Indeed, everyone has many things to do. And It really was a so  small thing that will be forgotten the next day. But I learned a lot from it,  I saw the most precious and beautiful friendship.  The best friendship is to understand, accompany and cherish. Moreover, it can only be found by accident,  not through seeking. In addition, we should share with people who can really understand us. Such sharing and communication is meaningful and what we need.

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    Are you Oscar?

    Abe avatar Abe | May 24, 2019 13:53:50
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      @abrahamKim No

      Piglet avatar Piglet | May 25, 2019 18:05:36
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    @piglet Congratulations on your first post. Welcome to the community.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 23, 2019 07:25:16
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      @brandonwilson I am very happy to join the community too.

      Piglet avatar Piglet | May 24, 2019 14:47:28
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    @piglet Welcome to the community. I'm glad you have reliable friends to accompany you in your writing journey, it's not always easy to get feedback.

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | May 23, 2019 13:21:38
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      @basilesamel I agree with you that it's not easy to get feedback. So firstly, we can be the reader for ourselves. Secondly, we should be confident to ourselves. Maybe we can get many surprising things in this way in the end.

      Piglet avatar Piglet | May 24, 2019 14:57:40
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