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Apr 03, 2019 19:00:08

My day by @elizabeth

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Jan 22, 2019 19:46:29 @elizabeth

"But if I could be free what would I do?"

My day is long filled with time trapped in a building without escape. What can I do with the time? The most valuable thing we have and I feel like I’m throwing it out the window like a phone that’s has been malfunctioning for weeks now. The time frustrated me. The time reminded me of how long it can be when you’re waiting. Just like watching water boil. The time in prisoned me. But if I could be free what would I do? I resorted to practicing my writing because it’s one of many thing I have lost touch with. I know not of grammar or sentences structure or why I before c expected after what I can’t remember. I have time and with this time I hope to become a better something. A better writer a better speller. Maybe my time will become my favorite part of my day. When I say a bunch of things that roll around my head and never get to see the light of day. An opportunity to vent. Or share. Or explain. I don’t know yet but help me find my way through this time. Help me make a something wonderful something interesting or at least helpful. Help me spend my time wisely.

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