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Mar 01, 2019 23:00:40

More Gratitude Than You Can Shake a Stick At

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It's been such a good week and a good day that I'm inspired to write another gratitude post.

I'm grateful for this good week! I'm grateful for good conversations. For learning from others. For words of encouragement. For productivity. For an amazing team of people much smarter than I. For great music. For rediscovering music I hadn't listened to since 1999. For the good feelings from the '90s that music engendered in my soul. For happy music from 2005. For the good feelings from the '00s that music engenders in my soul. 

> Even Mr. Gray looks to the summer sky / and he wonders what it's all about

Life is up and down, tragic and glorious in turn. Surviving through the mucky bits is rewarded in the ecstatic ones. 

> We all get hurt and we all get up and we all move on, yeah we all move on

I've had my share of tragedy, but I've also had moments of ecstasy. Tonight I'm celebrating the recent moments by remembering the distant ones, and they're all mixing together into a great warm quilt wrapped around me on this magically cool evening.

I'm grateful for my red-haired daughter and her writings describing our family. I'm grateful that she has this family to write about. I'm grateful that she loves us all and feels safe here. I'm grateful she plays with her little brother. That she plays the old piano in the tiniest room of our house. That she learns songs by ear and writes songs. She's seven.

I'm grateful for dance music with lots of guitars. I'm grateful for local music scenes.

I'm grateful for finding out that a coworker and I have a mutual friend.

I was told something like this today: "If you're thinking about killing yourself, wait five years, otherwise you'd be killing the wrong person." 

That feels like pretty great advice.

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