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Mar 15, 2019 06:00:08

Money dumb @sheetcake

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Jan 16, 2019 07:46:19 @sheetcake 


"it has only been a blissful ignorance, and not a balanced budget or vast wealth"

I can now count myself among the many who have resolved to make a break from bad habits in 2019. For me that means a renewed relationship with the dirty bird - money


I can't say it's ever been a healthy relationship. At our finest moments we have been unaware of each other, but it has only been a blissful ignorance, and not a balanced budget or vast wealth, that has led to these finer passive moments. As a kid I was taught the value of hard work, of showing up, of sticking your face in it. I was not, however, taught the value of a hard earned dollar and the leverage of a dollar working hard on my behalf (god knows where). The distinction between the two - between the willingness to put your back into it and the wisdom to count the dollars coming in and dimes going out - now has my attention going forward and it has piqued my curiosity as I look back at how I've gotten here. I was a child of privilege with a father who made money hand over fist but is now left staring into his own empty palms. It is a history worth not repeating. 

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so... what happened @sheetcake?

@OnepostersGems Thank you for the gem. It's moving in a way, to see someone coming here for just one day, one hour, sharing a confession rooted in a painful past, a resolution towards the future, and then vanishing right away. Good luck, @sheetcake.

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