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Feb 11, 2019 22:46:40

Monday off

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Due to my sickness, I stayed home today. Extending the weekend is good, but I was expecting to be a little more productive. I did literally nothing (so lazy almost the streak was gone) even though I am feeling pretty all right already. 

I just watched tv and eat (sure I am not complaining haha) but I feel guilty during days like these. At least I watched a nice Polish movie Breaking the Limits. It's based on a true story. Check that out. (btw. I am not from Poland haha)

Have to admit, Recent days I don't really follow much of the posts on 200WaD I just write my boring post and leave. Hopefully, it's just part of my sick and lazy mood and I will be better with leaving comments and feedbacks in following days (I promised that already once, wow I am such a liar haha). 

Anyway, I caught some nice posts I liked today's Gabriel's about coffee and Lucjah's about people who never show again. I don't really like this week topic "letter to younger self". Jason view is nice I can relate.

I am sorry for such a boring post again but the writing habit isn't here yet haha. 


Stay with me. Efran.

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