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Feb 18, 2019 22:11:57


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I miss the feeling just be on my own. I miss surfing. I miss caring just about myself. I miss being lost in an unknown place or city. I miss meeting new people. I miss doing what I want whenever I want. I miss speaking English on daily basis. I miss going for coffee and don't care about the time. I miss Toronto. I miss driving bike every day. I miss my bike. I miss going to watch sports. I miss the lakeside. I miss running.  I miss my friends from Toronto. I miss snowboarding. I miss my friends from Asia. I miss my friends from Bali. I miss being irresponsible. I miss getting things done. I miss my apartment. I miss my favorite coffee shops. I miss the laundromat stores. I miss the free coffee.

I miss not missing anything.

I miss the point. :))


I would like to write something more positive but it's so hard, haha. It's easier to keep it depressed. (I am not really, I am just so out of inspiration that I must post this last minute cries otherwise my streak would be gone haha, I am so sorry)


Stay with me. Efran.

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