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Feb 03, 2019 01:13:16

Minutia, indeed

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Daniel Miller

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01:30a Get up from the computer. Have had a fun night listening to old music, new music by old musicians, following many rabbit trails. I'm excited these people are still producing music at the rate they are. I'm a little jealous.

02:30a Fall asleep

07:00a Wake up to my alarm, to get the wife and stepson up for his saxophone audition

07:05a Go back to bed

11:00a Woken up by the wife who brought a fresh cup of coffee to me, which was nice. I needed the extra sleep pretty badly.

12:00p Make a cardboard movie theater with the kids. They create a snack bar and write tickets and we watch some How to Train Your Dragon sequel on Netflix on an iPad.

03:00p Bike ride

04:00p Upload bike ride to Strava, end up spending some time cleaning up my external hard drive, get a load of laundry in, shower

06:00p Go with the kids to IHOP for dinner. Wife leaves for the bar mitzvah she is photographing.

07:00p Take the kids to the grocery store for dessert items. It's oddly crowded for a Saturday night.

07:30p Negotiate with the kids about what to watch on Netflix. They both agree on Taylor Swift live. (They will mercifully later lose interest.) They spend their time mixing cake and ice cream into a gross looking concoction. Sometimes food is for play and it is ok, and this is one of those times.

08:30p Run a bath

09:30p Get the kids into bed

10:30p Leave the kids' room. Start cleaning up. Dishes. Start to fold laundry and realize it hadn't dried enough. Put it back in the drier.

11:30p Write my 200wad

12:00a Fold now actually dry laundry

12:15a Meditate

12:30a Make tea, start writing this

12:45a Wife gets home, tells me all about the bar mitzvah

01:05a Finish writing this

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