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Jun 16, 2019 17:33:14


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Friday morning bike ride. The usual 13.5 mile weekday morning loop. Decent day at work. Fall asleep after work. Wake up to put the kids to bed. Decent night. Go to bed at about midnight.

Wake up at 4:35 am for a database migration. Was supposed to be 3:45 am but my alarm didn't quite wake me up. I was happy I woke up when I did. The migration had been completed by then, so I test everything for a couple of hours.

Ride Saturday morning. 7:30 start. 37 miles. Brutal. Both excited to ride that far and sad that it's a long ride for me these days. Sleep that afternoon.

Supposed to ride again at 7 am this morning but my friend calls it on account of it just rained a bunch overnight and is still threatening to rain. I sleep in a bit. Father's day presents when I wake up. Homemade books from the kids. A new coffee maker.

Ride at 12:30 pm with a different friend. Almost 20 miles. 57 miles in a weekend is probably my best in a year. More sleep.

Very quick work call. Some todos. So much laundry to do but the washing machine is in use. Write a boring 200wad post. Tonight we're going to Oak Cliff for a show by a very talented friend. I'm grateful we get to go to amazing shows in tiny venues. 1.5 hours until the babysitter gets here.

Big week ahead. Need to work tonight, in the next 1.5 hours and after we get back.

I still just want to sleep.

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