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Aug 05, 2019 21:29:28

Migrating Off WordPress

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Valentino Urbano

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This is a continuation of my series on migrating my web site off WordPress and onto Jekyll

### Noteworthy Deletions

- I took the occasion to remove the `http://www.valentinourbano.com/` patch notes blog completely. I used to have 2 different blogs, one for articles and one for release notes and the like. I have now moved the release notes in [their own specific pages](/apps/patchnotes), so you can find each version in a single page and have easy access to it. The most important ones (for example the giant 1.5 update for [Minimal Counter](/apps/ios/minimal-counter) will be included as articles in the future (This is not retroactive, for the old articles they will stay in the patch notes page as is).

- <del>I also deleted the newsletter, in all this time only a few people signed up for it, was simply not worth to keep writing content for it while only a few pair eyes were reading it. If you want to stay updated you can always [subscribe to the RSS feed](/feed.xml) instead. This includes both the newsletter for `http://www.valentinourbano.com` and the RSS via Mail for `http://myshar.org`</del>. I've started the [newsletter][15] back around 6 months ago!

- <del>I'm going to completely delete the `http://myshar.org` website. I'm still thinking if I should keep the domain and redirect. I'm surely going to do that for a while until Google reindexes all the articles at least, but after that, there are not many reasons to keep it around. The only reason would be for the faucet, but I'm running out of Dogecoins since I'm not mining them anymore and haven't done for almost a full year now.</del> The site `http://myshar.org` has been deleted. The redirect has been up for around a year, but I finally shut it off completely in the last few months. All of the dogecoins available through the free faucet have been donated so that has been shut down as well after its great success.

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