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Jul 04, 2019 22:04:03

Migrating Off WordPress

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Valentino Urbano

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This is a continuation of my series on migrating my web site off WordPress and onto Jekyll

There is not an easy solution for this. You could just search for all the links corresponding to your previous website domains and change them to the latest one, making sure to change them only when they're actual links. At times I write http://www.valentinourbano.com down not as a link but just to pin to this site and I want to links to stay as they are since when I write about a specific site during a specific time I mean that and I don't want it to change when I change my URL.

Another completely different problem is broken external links, but those have always been there, no matter what. For now, I'm just ignoring them (or unlinking them in case there is not a single decent version of the site indexed @ web.archive.org if I get an error through the Google Webmaster tool or my automated tests through Continuos Integration). In the future, I'd like for all the links that are mirrored to link to the archived page. It would be nice to have a script that automatically adds each website you link to to the archive so you can be certain that you can find it there in the future.

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