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Dec 08, 2018 16:20:08

Medium is taking over the blogging world

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Valentino Urbano

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Your website (blog) is your home on the internet. Would you give someone else - a stranger - the keys to your home?

This might seem weird posted on 200wordsaday, but I don't consider the two to be comparable. I'm using 200wordsaday to just write and getting into the habit. When there will be canonical links I'm planning to crosspost the best articles to my personal blog.

Medium on the other hand is used to publish and get readers. Without Medium you lose your readers, that's why its lock in mechanism is so strong.

Your blog is your home

For someone who just wants to write Medium might seem great, you just write and that's it. They take care of getting you in front of eyeballs.

When you start on Medium is really hard to move. Even freecodecamp with millions of views and followers is having a really hard time trying to move off the platform.

If you're a smaller writer and if your blog is personal having your own brand to it matter.

Your own place to write. Your own brand. Your own space. Your home.

Giving control to someone else, no matter who,has its drawbacks. If you're aware of them and you go in knowingly all is good, the problems arise when you don't realize there are drawbacks or you downplay them.

That's why I don't like writing long form pieces on Twitter/Facebook or social media.


People are there in drowes and it's easy to get noticed, but at what cost?

Don't get me wrong, as a reader i love Medium. I love the design and i love the convenience. As a writer I wonder what we're losing by giving up control like that. And if it's worth what we get in return.

Publications give you more readers and let you expand your reach, but they could do that by just having a website and letting people guest post directly. That way they would get back the control they now give to Medium.


Have your own blog. Crosspost on medium publications that allow you to do it for exposure (if you care at all about that sort of thing).

Don't be too scared. It's easy to open a blog. You don't need to know anything about websites.

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    @valentino "Your website (blog) is your home on the internet. Would you give someone else - a stranger - the keys to your home?"

    Well said. Especially in this day and age of deplatforming controversial writers.

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Dec 16, 2018 03:32:58
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    @valentino I agree with your thoughts about someone who is serious about blogging to have his or her own blog rather than post on Medium. I write articles on Medium, and I have found it to be a great place to get started. You can practice writing, test different topics, and hone a message to a core audience. Once you have done that, then I think it's a good idea to start your own blog. Getting your own domain/hosting and starting your own blog first without knowing if your content is going to find an audience is a big gamble.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Dec 08, 2018 18:26:48
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      @brandonwilson Yeah I agree with that as well. Starting out on Medium is great, just don't get too comfortable ?

      Valentino Urbano avatar Valentino Urbano | Dec 16, 2018 10:39:01
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