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Jun 19, 2019 20:09:52

Many "the first time" in June

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1. The first time to visit my bf's parents in the fifth year of our relationship.

2. The first time I have sung karaoke in front of my classmates.

3. The first time I have seen a dentist for my seven-year-old hole in my tooth.

4. The first time my close friends met my bf.

5. The first time I bought a pair of shoes which are not sneakers and dressed up as a lady.

6. The first time I have had wonderful communication with my father and we shared common views. 

7. The first time I have designed self-paint a journal.

8. The first time I succeeded persuading my sister to change her job for a better future.

9. The first time I am writing a paper while doing research other than writing before the deadline.

10. The first time I admitted my jealous of my female friends instead of being proud of nothing.

11. The first time I kept my promise to my bf other than breaking what he has planned before.

12. The first time my RescueTime weekly report said there was only 5-hour work last week.

13. The first time I subscribed to audio books and really enjoyed it.

14. The first time I found that making a list is a good way to save a streak.

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