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Jul 10, 2019 21:30:40

MacBook PRO 2018

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Valentino Urbano

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I've used it for (almost) a year. This is not a review, just a few points of what I like and didn't like about it.


  • Screen
    I used to have a 12' screen on my MacBook Air and passing to a 15' is a huge difference.
  • Touchbar
    Despite being extremely skeptical I really like the touch bar (it has its quirks though)After extensive use I now despise it. You can't feel anything under your fingers when pressing a button (since it's not a real button) so you often end up tapping on the wrong "key". You often accidentally hit it while trying to hit other buttons. It is just a mess [More of it in the Cons section].
  • True Tone
    I like the true tone display, better on the eyes even though some people might not like its colors. You get used to it pretty quickly though.
  • Trackpad
    I like the bigger trackpad, as always with Apple it is years ahead of any competitor.
  • Good Specs
    I bought the 32GB of RAM with 500GB of SSD. The performance during development is decent enough, way better than on my Air. For only 3000 EUR more though.
  • mac OS
    This is not specific to this model, but obviously, macOS is a fantastic OS. If you tried to do even only half of the things I try to do on my mac on Windows it would just crash over and over again.


  • Touchbar
    Not have a physical off button and not having a physical ESC button is unacceptable. I also keep erroneously pressing the rightmost key on the touch bar when I want to press delete, but that might just be me not being used to it.
  • Keyboard
    The keyboard is terrible. I keep typing wrong letters all the time. I don't know if it's just a question of me needing to get used to or it just being bad for me. Time will tell. It was both, it got better with time, but the butterfly keyboard is a r=terrible design. After less than one hears of use I already get phantasm touches every once in a while. Fortunately, it doesn't happen often, but the few times it does it is really annoying.
  • Ports
    This is the worst. Only having a few USB-C ports, a headphone jack and nothing else on a Pro device are disgusting. Having to buy an expensive dongle to be able to use the device you bought for 4000 euro strikes as odd, to put it mildly. Not to talk about how damn terrible it looks with all the dongles hanging out from the sides.
  • Performance
    Playing a simple card game while having the browser makes it lag a lot. For a 4000 EUR machine, this is not acceptable.
  • Battery life
    4 to 5 hours of battery life while browsing on wifi is NOT acceptable at this price point.

Should you buy it?

I HAD TO buy it since my MacBook Air had 5 years and it was a real pain to work on it. Otherwise, I would have never bought it. Just being forced to book an appointment to buy it almost made me rethink the purchase. If you are so busy that you force me to waste so much time just to give you money, maybe I should go somewhere else. In the end, I needed it for my job so I did not have a choice. My only suggestion is to hold on buying any kind of MacBook until a model without the butterfly keyboard is available. You really do not want this keyboard if you can avoid it.

If you need one right now, consider buying a 2015/2016 model without the touch bar and without the butterfly keyboard, maybe even used. It just needs to last long enough for the next generation to come out.

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    @philh seems worth a read

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jul 10, 2019 23:51:35
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      @valentino @lucjah thanks for pointing it out, and thanks for writing it. I'd read the original version. I had the same opinion about waiting for the new keyboard (now announced) and buying a version without the touchbar. Now I'm worried about the ports and the performance. Oh boy.

      PhilH avatar PhilH | Jul 11, 2019 21:38:31
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