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Feb 05, 2019 10:06:54

Lower expectations

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That's the KEY to happiness - This TED talk perfectly explains why. . 

I have looked at that talk many times. It makes sense. I find that our biggest disappointments are usually when there is a direct mismatch of our expectations with the reality. You have a better chance of being pleasantly surprised if you have low expectation.

What I am curious about is if this is also the case with marketing.. 

Coming back to the FYRE festival, did the marketing raise the expectations of the potential customers to an unrealistic one?

Agreed that what happened with the festival is much worse - regardless of the marketing hype... however, I want to know if having a powerful marketing campaign can create an impossible expectation that can't be matched...hence causing a bad customer experience? 

How realistic should a marketing attempt be to the product? 

While researching on titles for crowdfunding campaigns, the advice I found everywhere was to use terms like --- "The World's best, Only, Ever...."

That felt like it was too much.   

So my question is -
Should you follow these marketing guidelines and exaggerate?

Portray your product as the BEST ever or Keep It Real?

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    @keni Great article. "Keeping it real" truly is a strategy for the long haul. But one of the biggest gaps new products are facing is reducing the risk costumers feel before they buy them. Now if they already bought it once, and the marketing "kept it real", it would be amazing. But the first sell is always the hardest one, especially if it's from a new venture as well. That's why I would argue that exaggerating still is worth the risk of "bad customer experience". I hope that won't be the result though.

    Rasmus Rygh avatar Rasmus Rygh | Feb 05, 2019 17:41:44
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      @keni @rasmusrygh

      +1 on the long-term strategy. And I gotta admit, I'm always more rooting for long-term strategies. I, and I think the rest of the world, simply admire the long-term thinkers and do-ers more. The short termers always end up becoming the butt of jokes.

      Short Term:
      Fyre Festival
      A lot of Dot Com Companies

      Long Term:
      Warren Buffett
      Michael Jordan
      Tom Brady

      It's always better to keep it real. The other day my gf criticized me for not being sympathetic to people for not being able to keep it real. She said it was unrealistic to expect people to keep it real since they are all humans. And that's when I argued that keeping it real is never the EXPECTATION , but it is always the IDEAL.

      So just like with only 168 hours in a week, even if you love a whole bunch of things, you must choose and balance.

      So just like with time, even though you do want to keep it real, you gotta balance it out with short term goals like initial customer acquisition.

      Abe avatar Abe | Feb 06, 2019 00:00:35
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      @rasmusrygh @abrahamKim - I tried keeping it real but failed spectacularly at getting any attention to my product. Even though I did my best to make the product very high quality.... You are competing against people that already have customers and brand loyalty ... Balancing is really tough.

      Keni avatar Keni | Feb 09, 2019 08:56:35
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