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Mar 23, 2019 05:00:11

Live abroad to live fully his life? by @lahmedjoun

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Jan 23, 2019 23:12:20 @lahmedjoun

"I will say one thing: Go!"

It's funny how attracted most of people are about traveling abroad. For vacations mostly, with a well-known return date.

But what about leaving everything in the country you've always lived in to broaden your horizon ?

I had this opportunity myself. I lived in Shanghai for 6 months (academic exchange program). This was a wonderful experience and I shared precious time with my friends and other classmates.

However, after 5 months, I had this weird feeling of not being in the right place. I started to feel bad, surely because of "home-sickness".

It's funny because I felt the same on my very first day in China. The first night, lied on my bed, I was wondering : "Why did you came here for 6 months ?".

When I woke up, day 2 in China, I was so happy to start a new experience that I forgot my yesterday's "blue" feeling.

It makes me guess that leaving abroad is not for everyone.

I had the opportunity to stay in Shanghai, and find well-paid job as an engineer. But it didn't even cross my mind because of things like :

--- Family, Friends, Habits +1000 things (like pollution for example) ---

If I can share my experience with people that are hesitating to travel or leave their country, I will say one thing : Go !

You will see by yourselves if it suits you or not, but the try is 100% worth-it !

See you Space Cowboy..

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