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Feb 11, 2019 23:49:51

Listening to Bigger People

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I’ve been listening to what? To Who? Bigger things.

What’s that? Who’s that.

Admirable people. There’s a lot of them. A lot of successful people.

And I’ve been studying them explicitly for years now. And philosophically they all converge. They all agree on the same things when it comes to the essence of it. They all agree on how one should live life, though they might not agree on the actual details. The content. Diverse skin color, same internal anatomy if you may.

Even after studying these people for so long, why have I found it so difficult to actually listen?

I guess I thought I knew better… but why? Why did I think that I could come up with something better? Or the people around me.

Admirable people are in high numbers, yet they are still rare amongst us in numbers.

I guess I thought I knew better. I thought the people around me knew better.

And in a way, I thought that maybe, I could get by, just from learning on my own. But life using that strategy hasn’t been good. It’s only during short phases where I listened to the bigger people, that I actually felt like my life was in flow. So why don’t I, instead of listening to them on some days, listen to them all the time?

I’m listening to bigger things. Bigger people.

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