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Mar 12, 2019 17:53:25

Let's sit on a Couch (2)

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(the first part we, @philh and I, published yesterday, and...*)


In order to do this, 200WaD provides today a way for individuals to write and publish a post, to account for an uninterrupted series of daily posts, to read posts of others and to provide comments and encouragements via post feedbacks.


Yes! All of us here are united by the commitment to write 200 words, every day! But apart from that, we differ in so many ways. For some it is important to present the post, to have kind of a β€œproof” of the commitment. Some write in private, for nobody to see. Some write their stories in the open, yet without seeking support from others, led by deep inner drive. But there are many, like me, motivated through interactions:

β€œIf I can get some feedback from this wonderful community on what I write, that will motivate me to continue.”

Some were lucky and feedback they received already had a positive impact on their writing:

β€œI think that I have gathered some momentum now, the feedback has been surprisingly positive.”

β€œI obtained two feedbacks which were turning points for me.”

Yet, even though in the community there are some very active readers, providing generous and supportive comments (let me mention a few from the top of my head: @RealNegotiator; @brandonwilson; @rawhead; @keni; @jasonleow, not mentioning @basilesamel of course), it is very difficult to find those who especially might need the feedback. What if they could simply ask...


Most of users interactions are conducted through a β€œone-to-one” or β€œone-to-few” manner and are post-centric, meaning that there’s no way to maintain a persistent, group conversation beyond the context of a single post.

(*and... I know, it's a bit of cheating, as the whole text is available --> here                     and philh published an original new post today... but me... I need to take some time to build myself a foxhole [thank you @lexc])

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