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Apr 03, 2019 21:35:43

Let's have more [email protected]#$%

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Julia Saxena

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I like about my work that I can get creative and a little weird as well.

Today, I got the opportunity to write a "Happy Birthday" email that a company would send to its customers when it's their birthday.

Usually, this would be a very generic "Congratulations, bla bla bla". But I wondered, how can I make this not boring? (And I found a way.)

I feel we could all have so much more fun every day if we decided not to accept the status quo and tried things a little differently. How surprised and maybe delighted would everybody around us be?

For example, think about the emails you write and receive every day. Mostly very standard, serious... and boring. Why does everything have to be so serious these days? Have a little fun!

What if you wrote a normal request differently, that would make the receiver laugh? What if you included a joke in every email you send today? What if you send an email only containing emojis? What if you expressed your feelings only via memes?

I have a very weird side which doesn't come out very often. Usually, I'm hiding it because I think everything has to be taken super seriously. I'm working on changing that!

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