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Apr 21, 2019 07:12:15

Let kid enjoy the weekend

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My weekend usually is busy, other then I trying hard to spend some time do my own thing and need to take care of the two kids that no need to go to school. Most of the time my wife will try to arrange some activity for the big kid so that he won't be too bored and keeps want to watch TV at home.

We have strict rules that no TV during weekdays, so most of the time the kids will try to enjoy the TV as much as possible during the weekend, but it gets boring too if you are watching for the whole day. So my wife sometime will choose some interesting class for the big kid to attend.

Nope not those academic type, I saw a lot of parents that worry for the kids academically and send their kids to all those class that help for educational every weekend, that's terrible. It might be my kids are still too young for that, but I always remind myself don't become like that.

My childhood doesn't have much opportunity to explore new things like my kids nowadays. At the same time, I don't suffer to go to all these education style class too due to my family financial status. So hopefully my kids no need to suffer from all these also.

So what kind of activities my wife usually pick up for kids? For example yesterday she brings the kids to attend the small workshop which teaches the kids learning how to manage their own money through story and games. The big kid learns about what is Want, what is Need. Today he going for a baking class since he loves to make food and eat, I think he is going to bake some cake today.

So let the kids enjoy the weekend. Hopefully, I can keep this without pushing him too much for academic for the next few years.

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    @knight I am the kid growing up without academic classes outside school and it did no harm but benefit to my self-learning skill. What do I really regret is that I don't have any chances to explore new things and know my talent earlier, because my parents neither care about my study nor my hobby. Lucky for your kids! You are a great farther!

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Apr 21, 2019 12:35:23
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      @5plus6 thanks, same here, I didn't have chances to explore myself either. Which is why I hope my kids have more choices and explore all new things. Hopefully, he won't tell me he wanna be a Youtuber.

      Knight avatar Knight | Apr 22, 2019 05:57:15
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