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Learning a new skill or topic online is easier than ever. For some professions you still need degrees, but with the amount of high-quality knowledge available out there it's becoming less and less of a necessity.

Universities like the MIT or Stanford usually release full videos of most courses on youtube for free. Most of these courses are only available in English.

The list that follows mostly focuses on programming, but you are going to find courses on a large variety of disciplines and topics if you take the time to look.

Some examples from Stanford University:

- iOS Development

- Android Development

- Human Behavior

- Others

From MIT:

- Introduction to Computer Science using Python

- Algorithms

- Others

From Khan Academy:

- Full Computer Programming Course

- Cryptography

For more courses specifically tailored towards coding straight up check out:

- Freecodecamp

- Codeacademy

They usually teach you javascript, but the language doesn't really matter. What matters is learning the fundamentals and how everything works and fits together. The basic knowledge that you gain can be easily transferrable to any other language so don't focus on which language to learn first you can pick whatever you prefer. Focus on learning the concepts behind programming and not just the syntaxt.

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