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Aug 12, 2019 23:37:49

late trip to...

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Familiar exit from the motorway (or is it highway, or actually a peripherique, as it goes on the outskirts of Tricity...), but we go the OTHER direction, not towards the airport. We are NOT going to the airport. Feels weird.

Then a shortcut thru a gas station. It makes the final part of the way so much easier. I can never understand why isn't everybody sneaking thru this "unofficial" pass. 

Then there was the left turn. Nope! Too early. There! Ooops, missed it. A loop around then.

Then... the bump. ALWAYS THE BUMP!

Then the ticket: A 207. Surprisingly fast considering the starting number was A 199. 

Items back to where they came from.

Meatballs... de volaille... salmon... pollock... vegan(?)balls? Well, DEFINITELY mix of salads. Wonderful! Just like back in the day when pork chop, boiled potatoes and cabbage salad ruled dinner tables. 

And "the path".

Where are the orange and blue plates for kids? These ones are smaller.  And the bowl only yellow and green... booooo...

There are the boxes! Cool!!!

And the cupboards. O geeee.... Tickets?! Queue?! Again?! What do we want? Cupboards. Oh... Ok... And... DONE!









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    highway in america. but i like motorway from european

    Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Aug 13, 2019 00:11:11
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    @lucjah <3

    PhilH avatar PhilH | Aug 12, 2019 23:52:29
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