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Apr 18, 2019 05:16:35

Lagoons and secret beaches in El Nido, Phillippines

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The second stop of our tour through the Phillippines is El Nino on the island of Palawan.

We’re staying right in the town center which is surrounded by green hills and black cliffs. There’s one main street which has plenty of bars and restaurants. At night the street vendors come out and sell souvenirs and everything you could need on a boat tour (like waterproof bags).

The beach is the starting point for the tours, which are the main thing to do here. Unless you charter your own boat, you have to decide between tour A, B, C, and D for the day. Every tour has a few highlights of the area, but they don’t overlap. No matter which tour operator you use, the tours are always the same.

We’ve done the most popular tours A and C. They took us to spots like the secret lagoon, the secret beach, the hidden beach, the small lagoon, 7 commando beach, and helicopter island (it’s shaped like a helicopter).

You can imagine that those secret spots and are not so secret anymore. From far you can already see around 10 boats with 15 - 20 people on each hang around. The spots are still stunning. Turquoise water, white beaches, surrounded by huge black cliffs. It’s just a bit crowded.

We got the chance to do some snorkeling as well. The highlight was seeing a turtle — the first time for us in the open ocean. 

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