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Apr 23, 2019 19:04:38

Knock on wood

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"Hey Sophie"

"Hi Keni"

"Endet nesh? (how are you?)

"I am ok. Just a cold that will not go away. I have tried everything. The milk, honey, tea mixture my grandma told me about. This cold just keep coming back."

"Oh have you had your vitamin D checked?"

D or C?

"D - Vitamin D. Everyone thinks it is Vitamin C that is important for cold but actually it is D. Especially for people from Africa. We don't retain Vitamin D as much."

Really? You think that is my issue?

"It could be. It was mine. I used to get recurring cold a few times a year. So my doctor checked my Vitamin D levels. It was 4. Almost zero. It should be at least 30. So my doctor put me on heavy dose to raise my numbers. I haven't had a cold since."

Oh you are so lucky. 

"It was all the vitamin D. I am telling you, get it checked."

That was 3 days ago... Today I had to stay in bed all day because of a cold. It is 7pm and as I struggle to write my post for the day, I wonder - should I have knocked on wood 3 days ago?

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    So have you gotten your Vitamin D checked since?

    Abe avatar Abe | Apr 26, 2019 14:27:22
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      @abrahamKim - Will get it checked at my next doc visit.

      Keni avatar Keni | Apr 26, 2019 12:32:41
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    @keni Hope ya feel better. I'm not sure on the Vitamin D, but when I do start to get a cold I load up on Vitamin C and it seems to do the trick (sometimes). Could just be a placebo, but maybe worth a shot.

    Jeff Riddall avatar Jeff Riddall | Apr 24, 2019 09:32:59
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    @keni - feel better soon -- sleep is the only thing that works for me.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Apr 23, 2019 17:14:49
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    @keni Good to see you're able to put up a post. Praying you get better soon. Sophie got me educated. Good post.

    Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Apr 24, 2019 00:25:40
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      @Rawhead @brianball @seunoyebode - Thank you :). All good now.

      Keni avatar Keni | Apr 26, 2019 12:32:16
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