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Aug 04, 2019 19:40:49

Kipper Vam Beethoven -- Part 12

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Daniel Miller

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In late 1980 I had an AMC Hornet and I drove from my place on Long Island down the Jersey coast, Ocean City, and Accomack and Northampton, Virginia. When you live simply, don't have to worry about retirement, are single with no kids, and quit doing drugs and drinking, there's a lot of money left over for travel.

It was in Nags Head, North Carolina that my life would change. I was having a small meal and a club soda at the bar of my nondescript hotel when she sat next to me to do pretty much the same. We said hello and made small talk, as any two solo strangers at a bar would do. It turned out she was also from Long Island, on a short vacation to the Outer Banks. 

Everything about the experience was different than my former life in the 70s. It was so innocent. We took a walk on the beach and just talked. We were saying goodbye and I wasn't trying to get to her hotel room. I did ask if she would like to meet for coffee in the morning and she simply said, "Nine o'clock," then turned and walked away.

I tried to play it cool as if I wasn't staying in Nags Head just because she was there, but I stayed many days longer than I planned. And then I drove straight back up to New York.

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