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Jun 04, 2019 19:00:04

Kimaya - my 3 months baby changed my life forever by @amolgavali

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Jan 04, 2019 18:20:58 @amolgavali

"...learning every single day"

Kimaya born on 21st Sept 2018, since the day she is born, I found myself loving her with so deep connect and compassion. I never have experienced such selfless love, now I relate to why parents are so connected to their kids.

I cannot imagine a day without her, she is so happy kid, I wonder why kids are called messengers of Gods. Her every action crying, smiling, laughing and playing with her own hands. Watching something without blinking eyes for so long looks so much lovely. I love her and she loves me back, every time I call her with her name she responds with a big smile. I feel like a kid with her every time I play with her.

Being a father is not so easy you need to be ever ready for everything, I must appreciate my wife, I think what a mother can do for their kids is so much and cannot be compared to anything.

I love her yelling, she learns something new every day, keeps doing it for a very long time. If she learns to watch her feet she keeps doing it over and over. To us, it seems funny but for them, its something they are learning every single day.

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