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Jun 29, 2019 23:46:22

Keeping the streak alive at 11:30 by way of more minutia

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6:00: Wake up

7:00: Bike ride

8:00: Shower

8:30: Leave the house. Get tacos on the way to the office.

9:00: Arrive at the office. Make coffee. Clean conference room table. Move my monitor and keyboard into the conference room. Pile snacks on the conference room table.

9:30: My two local developers on this project arrive.

9:30-11:00: While they work on last-minute testing, fixes, and more testing, I process a ton of new front-end developer candidates. I get my inbox down to eight emails.

11:00: We merge the release branch and deploy to production. The old code is gone now. Thousands of lines of deletions. The new code is live.

11:00-1:00: Testing, monitoring. They fix a couple of small bugs.

1:00: Order Chipotle for lunch.

2:00: Take a walk in the afternoon heat for bubble tea.

3:00: My wife drops our two youngest off at the office with laptops while she goes to a photography shoot (she's a professional photographer).

3:00-5:00: Kids play Minecraft on their laptops in the conference room while the three of us continue to work. I work on my Q3 presentation I have to give in a week and a half. This is the farthest ahead I've ever worked on a quarterly presentation but it's about all I have the mental energy for at this point.

5:00: My coworkers head home.

5:30: The kids help me clean up. I move my stuff back to my office. We clean my desk first, and I clean the conference table again after. They grab a snack and I grab a Coke for the road.

6:00: Get home, just ahead of a big summer storm rolling through.

At some point before 9:00: Fall asleep.

11:30: Wake up, prep coffee, bike and water bottles for the morning. Write this. Will be riding again at 7:30.

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