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Mar 17, 2019 19:02:30


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So I finished Joseph and the Poets. Left poor Joseph in the lurch. Writing fiction 200-some words at a time was an interesting experience, one I will now write about for 200-some words.

The story of Joseph started as my first post ever on 200wad. For whatever reason I decided to start with fiction and the first scene is what just fell on the page. 

I mostly worked on the story in spurts, separated by days of not writing or writing about other (mostly) nonfiction things. Until the end, when I suffered. I knew how I was going to end it, but it felt too sudden. I wanted to do more with these characters but the story wouldn't allow it. It needed to end. So I finally wrote the ending.

Writing in 200-ish word sections gave the story a certain rhythm. It also allowed me to jump all over the timeline, which I did with abandon. I had to keep a diagram of the timeline for myself. I often had to re-read past posts to make sure I didn't make any grievous continuity errors. I worried it was impossible to follow, and upon finishing, would be impossible to follow even in one sitting. I've compiled all the parts into a single markdown document (and associated PDF--if you would like a copy just let me know) and formatted with simple dividers when the story jumps around. I've read it once through in this format. It, of course, makes sense to me in the order I wrote it! I am sharing it with a few carefully chosen friends to see how it holds up under fresh eyes. My eyes won't be fresh again for a long time. I'm a terrible editor of my own words. I think it's because I'm too invested in the characters and how I've carefully placed them within the world.

I'm very interested in repeating this process with another story. I'm worried another one won't come. I'm thinking about constraining myself to a very narrow genre, that being "normal people who obtain superpowers to unfortunate effect" (or something like that). I think the constraint will help.

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