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May 27, 2019 16:11:52

It's okay to be rejected again

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The thing that I hate most is to take my problems to the college administrative agencies. No matter how well-prepared you are, you would be rejected directly.

It's a common sense in school because students are supposed to be on the wrong side if you have to consult with administrative agencies. If not, you have no need to appear in that office. As a result, there is nothing but teachers' loud complains and impatient looks.

The most useful strategies for students are speaking as less as possible, and seizing each chance to express how grateful you are for the teachers' willing to help, of course, in a clear and gentle way.

Today I went to the office to make a second time request, while the first time is a year ago. The teacher still remembers me after such a long time because my request is so rare that has left her a deep impression. 

After waiting for half an hour outside the door, I got a chance to stand in front of the teacher. What I did is a very brief introduction of why I was here, and a pretty long talking about how I totally understood the rejection last time. Then the teacher moderated her tone, "Leave your documents here and I will call you if I agree, but it's almost impossible."  

It's the best reply I have received until now, though it's another rejection. 

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