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Jan 06, 2019 22:34:52

It's A Yogurt Catastrophe

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Tracy Farnsworth

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It all started out innocently enough.  I just wanted to update the main hall bath in our house.  You couldn't use the shower and the floor was a lovely 70's vintage marigold... of the vinyl kind.

And so it began.  The hall bath is a shining beacon of modern elegance.

Now about that kitchen? 

My husband was on board, for at least the first day.  That's until he has had to go through sheaths of plastic barriers hanging from our high ceilings.  The kitchen is now completely gutted, wires hanging like oversized spiders you see in Australia.

He likes to snack at around 2am every morning.  Usually some yogurt and berries with a bit of sweet & low.  It's been tough for him.

Late last night I hear a most definite curse from the general area of where our refrigerator is sitting in the dining area.  I hear some scuffles and then fighting with plastic.

He crawls back into our bedroom, mumbling something about blueberries in one pajama pocket and sugar in the other.  Turns out, he tried to pour a bowl of blueberries into the new yogurt container along with a dose of sweetener.  It's not our usual yogurt, and this had a thin plastic film (ohhhh the irony) over the top that he did not see.

So of course, he tried valiantly to take the plastic off such as you would snapping a tablecloth from out under a table setting.  2 am, blueberries all over the floor and sugar down his arm.  

I had to laugh at the vision but boy oh boy what a long January this will be! 

Until Tomorrow

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