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Feb 06, 2019 23:48:42

Is it the blanket that warms the body? Or the body that warms the blanket?

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A grad student buddy of mine studies women entrepreneurship in Guatemala. He hasn't yet narrowed his study down to more specifics. He said that he didn't like the wording of the thesis he'd initially come up with years ago, which was: “How technology empowers women entrepreneurs in Guatemala?”

When I asked him why he didn't like that initial phrasing he said that it focused too much on the technology. I asked him to rephrase his thesis in a way more in line with his thinking ,and he came up with something along the lines of: how technology and design can help women unleash their aspirations. 

Is it technology that empowers us? Or is it our aspirations coming out through technology?

That got me thinking. About coats and blankets.

Walking outside on a foggy-breath winter night, is it the coat that keeps us warm, or us that keep the coat warm? When it comes to something so natural, so instinctive, I think the answer doesn't matter. You care not who or what matters more, you simply enjoy that warmth exists.

But often in intellectual domains such as academia, it's easy to become lost in the sauce, rendered unable to search questions beyond the details along the way. In my buddy's case the fixation on detail reminds me of something that belongs in a Taoist fortune cookie.

Is it the blanket that warms the body? Or the body that warms the blanket?

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    @abrahamKim - hmmm... I have a weird way of thinking.... But I don't see how we are warming the coat. This is a one sided relationship no? The life purpose of a blanket/coat is to provide heat even if we were not in the picture....

    With your friend's thesis.... The aspirations of the women was always there.. before or after technology... I think what your friend is trying to do maybe show how the achievement is accelerated or simplified because of tech. So aspirations in this case is there even if technology isn't.

    Is it time for me to grab some caffeine?
    I am afraid to read what I wrote because I may not follow me.

    Keni avatar Keni | Feb 06, 2019 20:11:08
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      Haha what are your favorite sources of caffeine? Mine is black coffee.

      Next time you get a chance, go touch a coat or blanket that hasn't had a human in it for awhile. It will be the same temperature as the ambient surrounding temperature.

      Next time you get a chance, feel how warm a blanket or coat that's been recently worn by a human feels.

      Abe avatar Abe | Feb 08, 2019 16:20:14
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