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Mar 10, 2019 22:40:00

Internet connection drives me crazy

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I can't image if there is no Wi-Fi connection one day, it would be a horrible disaster. Maybe I would never experience that day in the future. However, what matters is what I have to go through everyday:poor internet connection all the time.

Everytime I click on a link, it means at least 3 minutes would be wasted on waiting for loading and refreshing again and again. For videos and pictures, even worse. Pinterest and YouTube are my favorite strangers: I like them but hardly communicate with them. It costs me too much time to wait for videos and images fill the empty web page and kills me to refresh it to see more recommendations.

I used to be very patient because slow loading speed is part of my life. My old cell phone is slow, my old computer is slow, my daily achievement is slow. And it has not brother me so much until I am aware of time control.

There are countdown calendar and schedule alarms on my phone, pomodoro timer and time tracker on my computer, deadlines for emergency jobs. All of them are yelling: hurry up!hurry up!

I don't know how to deal with my anxiety. Someone with self control could always make the best use of the environment other than become negative from disadvantages. But I am not that kind of personal obviously. 

(I write down these words on my phone for my computer have wasted my 20 minutes and still not work to open the 200wad website.)


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