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Mar 25, 2019 21:03:54

Input vs. Output

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@juliasaxena Thanks for your stories about "Consume vs. Create" which inspired me to write my post today. 

The first day of the new semester, I decided to make a list of how do I keep learning something new every day. Begin with an empty A4 paper, I wrote down everything came into my mind as much as possible. In the end, the paper is a mess of all kinds of resources: websites, books, open-source projects, academic researchers,...... How to organize these materials into a clear and accessible daily to-do list? There are many ways to cluster them into different functions, I need a principle to make sure that the combination of these functions is in a scientific way. Consequently, I divide them into two basic categories: input and output. 

Making a balance between input and output is essential guidance of my daily job.  The input means to consume from others' achievements includes reading books, listening podcasts, watching videos, searching tweets. The output means to create by myself includes writing posts and programming. 

I track my working progress in Plane by setting different colors for input activities (green) and output activities (yellow). So, it's straightforward to see whether I spend more time on former or later kind. Until now, most of my day is filled with green color.  

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