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Mar 05, 2019 20:51:52

in need of a new notebook

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When I did go the first time to Canada for my adventure I was traveling just with the oldest notebook I could find a home. It worked for a while but slowly I moved just to my cell phone. Simply, I didn't need it. I had been working in the coffee shop and I've been trying to find some other passion in my life. Not just sitting in front of the computer and looking for the recent tech news. Cannot really say if it was a smart decision back then, but cannot go back in time, so not gonna brag about it, haha.

When I did go for the second time there (FYI... I did a short stop back home for 4 weeks and then moved to Canada one more time it divided my trip in half.) I bought just the cheapest notebook/tablet on the market. It worked just fine for the simple internet browsing, watching movies and so but it doesn't have enough power for heavier tasks. I am using it even now but I think the right time comes to buy the new more powerful one. 

Otherwise, I would go crazy, it's just too stressful working on it and I am not really the most patient person in the world, haha. So yeah, I need to make a decision soon and buy something.

Do you have any ideas about which notebook I should buy? Thank you for your advice.


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