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Jun 17, 2019 15:49:51

in a jiffy...

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Isn't it wonderful... 

...one day 200 words can be on... the miracle of 200WaD, next day, in 200 (and 25) words, Alice and Bob talk about warm water with lemon, then we have 200 (plus 1) words of family drama, and another 200 words on fedupness... A mundane Reply, in 200 words obviously, then some info about suicide... in 200 (202) words...

Full blown boinging, and yet... TOTAL CONSISTENCY! It's called #TeamStreak!

So, here comes another boing!

"Back in a jiffy" say some, meaning that it's kinda a matter of seconds before they will be back.

I used to take this phrase lightly, in a similar manner as "Back in a bit".            (Well, NOT that this is actually such an obvious bit, as "a bit" means a small fragment of something, but also a rotary cutting tool, a ten cent piece... as well as the smallest unit of storage in a digital computer. So... see for yourself...)

And yet...

A jiffy 

is the period of an alternating current power cycle,1/60 or 1/50 of a second in most mains power supplies! Figure...

or, the time it takes for light to travel one fermi (full name Femtometre, an SI unit of length equal to 10−15 meters, which means a quadrillionth of one!)

Cool, right?!?!?!

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    @lucjah I wonder what practical or scientific reason necessitated the measure known as a jiffy.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jun 17, 2019 07:45:15
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