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Jul 26, 2019 17:00:06

Impromptu Writing #1 by @kevinraetz

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Jan 21, 2019 08:17:46 @kevinraetz

"and I was home alone, which is quite a gag because my name is Kevin"

This will be the first post of a series where I use subjectgenerator.php to generate some random topic about which I will write. It's purely about improving my writing without much sense behind it. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

The Topic for today is "Write about a strange experience that you've had - one that can't be explained rationally".

Let's get started.

A few years ago maybe 4 or 5, my parents have been away and I was home alone, which is quite a gag because my name is Kevin. At that point we lived in a house that has been a bit older maybe 60 years or so and which we have renewed.

I don't really recall what I was doing exactly at that time but I think I was either reading on my notebook or already in bed when I suddenly heard the radio in the bathroom turn on and making half white noise half bad quality music. I was quite in surprise because as you know I was home alone and from my understanding a radio should not just turn on by itself.

Without thinking too much I carefully went there and turned it off.

This actually hasn't been the only time something turned on by itself.

Once before that incident a TV in the kitchen suddenly turned on when I was also home alone.

I don't really know what caused it but my own explanation is GHOSTS ... just kidding I actually think the reason might have been some variations in electricity or something similar but I don't even know if that's able to turn on electric devices. Well maybe it really have been ghosts but I made it out alive and well so they weren't that bad at all just giving me some chills.

Hope you enjoyed this little sequence from my life and wish you a great day.

To the next time.

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