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Jul 19, 2019 17:00:06

Imperfection and Fear by @deftOfCenter

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Jan 21, 2019 17:33:01 @deftOfCenter

"confidence can be born from a deeper level of self-respect"

Sometimes I find it difficult to participate for fear of being wrong. I hesitate, then produce nothing thinking discretion is the better part of valor.

But this thought itself is wrong. For through failure, we learn what not to do. It is through reflection that growth occurs, but that reflection by necessity requires something to reflect upon.

Therefore, inaction causes stagnation of growth. The secret is to embrace the imperfection and fail. Not for the sake of failure itself, but for the lessons it garners, and the opportunity it presents.

This fear shackles me because I am worried I will be mocked or ridiculed by my peers. This is a fascinating perspective, since I do not mock or ridicule others for their foibles, yet my mind is convinced they will treat me in this fashion. Why don't I respect others enough to assume they have the character to treat me likewise?

What should I learn from this?

First, by facing my fear I can improve my perspective of humanity by giving them the gift of respect, and proving to my mind it is justified.

Second, I can gain confidence, because the fear I feel is largely a phantom of my own making. And this confidence can be born from a deeper level of self-respect, untarnished by the delusions of 'protection' through avoidance.


Fight fear by confronting it directly. Every day listen, and when I am scared, move in that direction. For in that direction lies the person I have always wanted to be, but was too afraid. In that direction lies the gift I was too afraid to give myself: freedom to act.

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