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May 17, 2019 12:24:39

if exprets cannot help

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The struggle with the paywall for our company e-commerce site still continues. I just cannot get the plugin working. I already change for another one but there is again some problem. 

I am not surprised it's not going smoothly (what does right?) but what bothers me a lot is the plugin's support. In both cases, the support is pretty slow and what is the worst they couldn't give me any solution so far. The first creator just gave up and wrote to me "I am sorry I am sick I don't have time for that, I can give you the money back". He just kept me waiting for 3 weeks and then wrote this! I don't care much about the money with this I just want to make it work but no one can really help me. 

I wonder cuz all the creators should be top experts according to their social media and some self-presentation (I follow them a long time) so I think I get some information. It's not just anyone ... but this lack of interest just really pissing me off. Who else just could help me if they are not? That's the question. 

Also, all their websites are lack of information in case of troubleshooting. They should have there just simple instructions if happened this -> do this .. I don't wanna bother them too, but if they don't have proper info what can I do?...  It just sucks I could do definitely better tech support than them...

I am sorry for this little complains but it is what it is hehe. Enjoy your Friday.:)


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