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Mar 31, 2019 21:00:06

Idea #1 - Collaboration by @ibanbenzal

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Jan 02, 2019 17:37:55 @ibanbenzal 

"They became ambassadors of our project"

I always struggled to break silos when consulting for big organisations. Last year, I started inviting people from other departments (such as marketing, digital, product management, customer support...) to join my design team once a week for the entire length of a project.

They became members of the design team. We told them why user research is essential and how to run user interviews; then they ran user interviews themselves. They also analysed competitors, co-design user journeys, participated in ideation workshops and built prototypes. They came to retrospectives to learn about our progress, provide feedback and challenge our ideas.

They finally understood what a design team does and we understood how the overall organisation works. They became ambassadors of our project which meant that we had access and support from everywhere in the organisation. We learnt about internal politics, internal processes and how to collaborate effectively.

After a while, co-designing became the new normal. We developed roadmaps with the product management department, wrote up surveys with the customer support team and reviewed user journeys with the digital department. We crowdsourced knowledge from the entire organisation to validate our ideas before pushing them to the delivery stage. Because the other departments already had their say and signed off our work, the delivery was smooth and frictionless. We used to collaboration to get things done quickly and effectively.

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