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May 13, 2019 10:40:20

Ice Princess -- v3 -- pt 8

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She liked taking me to parties. It became regular, and I stopped going to the kind of parties that I had been going to with some old friends from high school I had known. 

The parties that Moriah's friends threw felt more engaging. Less loud and more about the people. Whenever I went to a frat party it felt like the only point of the gathering was to get very drunk, showoff beligerently, and try to have sex. 

Even though I didn't like these kinds of typical parties, I didn't find them that abnormal before. It was in fact what I saw on TV and what I expected out of the college experience. If I hadn't met Moriah, then who knows, I probably would've continued going to them on the weekends.

It was through her I got to know everyone else last semester. Attending that one floor meeting made all the difference in my social life, which was odd seeing as I never imagined anyone actually making friends at those lame university-organized events.

In fact, at the parties asked how Moriah and I knew each other, people would laugh at our answer.

"You mean those actually work? And you went to those Moriah?"

"Gee, it was just that one! I haven't gone since."

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