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May 11, 2019 15:21:42

Ice Princess -- v3 -- pt 5

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Sir Abe

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It was obvious that the 25 people in our group wouldn't be able to carry a single conversation while walking. What wasn't so obvious was at what number a group of people could have a dialog. I think the fact that the line was walking in almost uniformly triple file says something about that.

I ended up talking with what I considered badass looking people. They had a little kick to their appearance rather than the plain Midwestern look that most of us had. One was Wayland, a guy who looked like he skateboarded and played music. The other was Moriah, who looked like she should be in a play. Actually that was one of the first things I asked her. 

"Do you do theater?"

She shook her head.


Then she laughed.


"I don't know. You look like someone who would."

"That's a very silly thing to say."

"I guess."

It was a silly thing to say. But I didn't find it a silly thought. In my highschool the students a part of the drama club never looked like they belonged. It looked like church kids who had been shoe horned into what the teachers tried to turn into Broadway. Once I got to the university was when I saw people who resembled the artsy type people I saw on TV. These were the true performers I thought. But after Moriah pointed out how silly what I said was, I never assumed out loud that someone might be a musician or an actor. Although I still thought that way.

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