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Apr 19, 2019 15:37:24

Ice Princess -- pt 9

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Sir Abe

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Moriah opened her door to greet me with a smile. Her makeup was minimal and her hair tied in a bun, but besides that it was the same old Moriah dishing me her usual sass.

"No workout this time?" she snarked.

The entire time I made care of what I said and allowed her to talk the entire time, which isn't far off from the norm, but none of her words soaked in. Her voice entered my ears but my mind failed to comprehend.

There is one thing I do remember though. The last thing she said as we split ways to go back to our rooms.

"See you at the show?"

"Yes. It's going to be great."

She is performing two plays this weekend. She isn't much of an actress, but Moriah can dance well. She has the perfect build for it. And this play happened to include a role of a ballerina. Moriah auditioned just for shits and giggles after seeing a flyer on a bulletin board, and she got selected.

I asked her which night she thought would be better. Friday or Saturday. And she said Saturday, without hesitation. 

"Give me a chance to mess up on the first night so that you can see me at my flawless." she winked at me.

Up in my room, I lean back in my chair after having finished the rest of my online math problems. People outside smoking cigarettes are being loud and their noises creep into my window. I look behind me to check that my door is locked, then I get ready for bed. Right before going to bed, I check my email one last time. 4 new messages, none of them from Jim.

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